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Bronze accreditation confirms that you employ good practice and comply with the requirements laid out by the FORS Standard. This includes demonstrating dedication to driver and vehicle safety, combined with improving operating practices through effective monitoring of fuel and tyre usage.


There are many benefits to getting your FORS Accreditation, whether you are Senior or Operating Managers, Drivers or even Local Authorities – FORS Accreditations are recognised nationwide and sets a standard for a trusted company. Here are just some of the benefits you will receive:

Senior Managers

Improve your operations

FORS training and accreditation from Bronze through to Gold will progressively drive more efficiencies across your business, making you safer, smarter and greener, delivering cost savings and increasing revenues. FORS will also help you develop and improve your road transport and CSR policies. FORS can help you introduce or enhance a health and safety culture within your company, providing the tools that can help.

Boost customer retention

Your existing customers will see that you’re committed to continual improvement, while also contributing to and investing in their own safety and sustainability, which will strengthen your business relationships and increase loyalty.

Win more business

FORS is a guarantee of best practice across your business, and as you progress from Bronze to Gold they are an increasingly useful tool for winning tenders and contracts.

Attract and retain the best people

The business-critical training that drives FORS accreditation shows existing and future employees you’re invested in their safety and development, helping you to attract the best talent… and keep hold of it.

Operation Managers

Drive efficiency

Whatever the size or make-up of your fleet, FORS will help you monitor your fleet more effectively to maximise efficiency, comply with current legislation and ensure your vehicles meet safety and emission requirements. This will mean you keep more of your fleet operational by reducing the risk of accidents and legal issues.

Improve performance

FORS comprehensive driver training will boost your team’s skills and knowledge at every level, significantly improving performance across your fleet. Investing in driver development in this way will also motivate your drivers and raise morale, helping you to keep your best people.

Reduce costs

Through increasing awareness of road and loading laws, reducing emissions and safer driver training, FORS will enable you to save money related to fines, insurance, maintenance and fuel efficiency. FORS accredited vehicles demonstrate major reductions in both fuel consumption and collisions.

Develop your skills

From workshops on driver assessment and collision procedure to road risk and transport policy, FORS helps you to boost and maintain your knowledge in a range of key areas and keep up with the latest industry developments.


Improve your skills

Through its approved training programme, FORS will help you become a better driver. From learning how to drive more safely in urban areas to understanding how to reduce fuel consumption, you will be an even more valuable asset to the business.

Boost your knowledge

Understanding current transport legislation and getting up to speed on the latest rules of the road will make your job easier and help to reduce delays and costs for the business.

Reduce risk

FORS provides a range of safety training courses tailored to the demands of fleet drivers that will significantly reduce the chances of you having a road accident and helping to prevent injury to you and other road users.

Local Authorities

Deliver a better service

FORS training and accreditation from Bronze through to Gold will progressively drive more efficiencies across your transport fleet, helping you to improve service levels for the benefit of the community you serve.

Improve safety

From specialist driver training to expert guidelines for vehicles, FORS will ensure your fleet sets an example in terms of safety, reducing the risk to your team, other road users and the general public.

Save money

With increasing pressure on budgets, FORS will help you cut the cost of your fleet by decreasing fuel consumption through better driving and more efficient vehicles, and reducing repairs through improved safety and expertly trained drivers.

Protect your local environment

FORS will work with you to minimise your fleet’s environmental impact through helping you to achieve more efficient vehicles that deliver lower carbon emissions and by providing training courses on fuel-saving driving techniques.

Reduce road congestion

Through extensive driver training programmes, FORS operators provide a more efficient service, including reduced journey times through better planning, and fewer hold-ups through breakdown or accidents. This helps you keep traffic flowing better across your local area.


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TMS Saved My HGV Business

I will be recommending Transport Management Services to others. Their consultancy saved my HGV business.

Harry G

Having This Accreditation Has Won Me Bigger Clients

The consultancy that Simon has offered and helping me gain my FORS Accreditation is absolutely fantastic and well worth the money. Because of their advice I have won some large haulage clients! Thanks again!

Adam H

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